Welcome to Without a Hitch!  My name is Erin Lennon and I am so glad you are here. Let's get to know each other, shall we?

My Family:  Awesome husband of 5 yrs, Frank.  Sassy daughter of almost 3 years, Julie. (And my pup, Daisy)

My Passion:  Helping people (YOU) to have a relaxing, smooth wedding experience by taking care of the details on your special day. What good is a wedding if you aren't able to really be present and love your life while its happening?!

My History: Ranging from coordinating events for non-profits to ensuring weddings go off without a hitch.  From local to destination weddings, I have gained years of experience.  I'm available for any type of event, not just weddings.  I also have a degree in Counseling so I am here if you feel like you are about to lose it! :)

My Loves: all foods involving potatoes, hosting friends at my house, watching Daniel Tiger (over and over and over) with my daughter, laughing, and pinning things on Pinterest and not using them, the color blue, traveling, Frank, making people feel awesome, and lastly, Jesus!

Ok..it's your turn!  Send me a note via the Contact tab and let's get this party started!