'If you are planning your wedding and you want it to be stress-free, fun and overall amazing make sure you contact Erin before doing anything else! Erin was truly a lifesaver, coming on board to help our wedding on short notice and she could not have been more awesome! From helping with the timing and schedule prior to the wedding and making sure everything on the day of ran smooth with vendors, family, transportation, she was amazing. Erin not only did an amazing job on the day of, but she went above and beyond helping us with deliveries, pick-ups and vendor management prior to the wedding. Everyone from the photographers, event manager, and all the members of the bridal party commented on how fun it was to work with Erin and how lucky I was to find her...and I couldn't agree more. She's the BEST!'- Brett, groom, 9/9/2017

'I was married January 2nd and it was the best day, I am still smiling! People kept asking me how I was so relaxed the whole day, and it was because of Erin. She handled everything beautifully and was always a few steps ahead of everyone else. She kept the whole day running so smoothly and did it in such a graceful manner. She was happy and had a smile on her face the WHOLE day! Her sense of humor kept everyone laughing and made the day magnificent. She was professional and all of the other vendors loved her as well. She is so easy to talk to and puts you at ease on the most important day! If you are looking for a day of planner, Erin is your girl!' -Sara, bride 1/2/2016

'Hiring Erin was one of the best decisions we made when it came to our wedding! My husband and I were able to fully enjoy our wedding week with each other and our loved ones because behind the scenes Erin was taking care of everything, which was extremely invaluable. When it came to the wedding day- everything from getting ready to the ceremony procession and photos to the whole look and flow of the reception (including getting to the reception space early in the day to set up all of our personal extras and make sure the room looked beautiful)- it all seemed effortless for my husband and I thanks to Erin. That alone was all that we were looking for but on top of that, Erin has the biggest heart and was extremely kind and patient throughout the day, including when taking charge when necessary to move things along. Her personality is bubbly and fun and fit right in with our crowd. We could tell that she really cared about us, our wedding party and our guests and did everything she could to make our day special. Many of our guests even made comments about how wonderful she was. We wish Erin on all Nashville couples looking for a wedding coordinator- she's one of the best gifts you can give yourself!'- Emily, bride, 8/5/2017

'I could not have imagined my wedding without her!!  BRIDES YOU NEED ERIN!!!Erin was fantastic with everything!  From the rehearsal dinner to getting in touch with vendors!  Not only was Erin extremely professional but she was also very friendly and got to know everyone at the wedding! Best wedding planner, hands down!  THANK YOU ERIN!!'  -Stacey, bride, 10/10/2015

'Erin was the perfect wedding planner for our 330+ person "Mumford" wedding. She was dependable, and one step ahead at all times. We were on a budget, so we needed people on hand to arrange flowers, create mason-jar cocktails, running the pop-corn maker, and maintaining our outside Bourbon & Tobacco lounge. Erin was all over the 3 acre property no problem, and able to pull help together for the bigger jobs. I'm so thankful that I had the great advice to hire a wedding coordinator, and I couldn't be more happy that Erin was my pro!'  -Heather, bride, 9/21/2013

'Every girls dreams about her perfect wedding day, but there is so much 'behind the scenes' action that makes it almost impossible to have that perfect day.  Unless of course, you have Erin Lennon as your wedding coordinator.  My wedding was 12 hours away in FL.  I had wedding vendors, a huge family, many many out of town guests, and of course a cell phone that wouldn't stop!  On my wedding day, Erin handled every vendor (I never even saw them on my wedding day!) and every bit of drama.  My wedding was perfect and the day I dreamed of times 10!  It was stress-free, organized, 12 hours away, and the best day ever!  My wedding went off Without a Hitch thanks to Erin!' - Melissa, bride,  3/16/2013

'I am the mother of Sara (who was married on January 2, 2016). Erin was THE BEST to work with. She allowed me to enjoy every minute of my daughter's wedding day - the whole day - the entire day! Not just a few minutes during the wedding. Erin was one step ahead of me and I never worried about a single thing. Erin has a wonderful personality - a take charge woman with the best manners! Can't be beat. I highly recommend treating yourself to Erin. You'll be glad you did!! Thanks Erin!' - Mary Glenn, Mother of the Bride, 1/2/2016

'As a DIY bride, my biggest fear was being overwhelmed, rushed, frustrated and unable to enjoy the actual day of my wedding.  Erin was the answer that erased all of my fears!!! She was the first one to arrive at the venue and the last one to leave.  She asked me how i wanted every single detail, and communicated perfectly with every other vendor.  She brought me comical relief and a bright smile every time she sensed anxiety in my voice.  The moment I walked out of the bridal suite, it was obvious all of my dreams had come true!!! Erin went above and beyond to make sure my big day was everything I could have hoped for and I am forever thankful for her hard work and amazing skills!!'  -Whitney, bride, 4/29/2015

'My husband and i decided to get married at a halfway point between our 2 families.  There was SO much to do in the 48 hours leading up to the wedding due to the location being 5 hours away from where we lived.  Erin Lennon showed up with an amazing attitude and work ethic which i remain grateful for to this day.  The way she communicated with family, handled winter weather difficulties, and made our dream wedding a reality is still astounding to me.  If I could do it all over again there are 3 things I am CERTAIN I would keep the same: my husband, our guest list, and having Erin Lennon coordinate our perfect day!'  - Elle, bride, 1/1/2011

'My nerves would've been totally shot on my wedding day had it not been for Erin keeping me calm and laughing my head off.  Anytime I would feel anxious about something, she would immediately say , "I got this!"  Thank God for her no-nonsense yet calming attitude during my whole wedding experience.  Her presence was invaluable' - Melissa, bride, 3/29/2014